Building Your Home

Buying Your Home:

  • Contact Wardson Construction Inc. to discuss house style, neighborhood location and price ranges.
  • Meet with us to look at preliminary plans (ours or one you provide) and select a lot in one of our neighborhoods or a homesite you own.
  • Discuss specifications and detailing.
  • Decide on a homesite, home specifications and floor plan.
  • Meet with our in-house interior designer.
  • Wardson Construction Inc. provides pricing based on preliminary plans, homesite and specifications.
  • Finalize all details on plan and specifications and execute a contract.


  • Review final plans and plot plan.
  • Meet with our representative onsite to discuss homesite clearing or grading prior to beginning construction.
  • Consultation with our interior designer on selections. We provide a schedule when and where selections need to be finalized.
  • Ongoing coordination with site supervisors during construction.
  • Scheduled meeting with site supervisor after framing to review plumbing, electrical, mechanical, rough-ins, framing and cabinet layouts.
  • Scheduled meeting after sheetrock to discuss trim and closet designs.
  • Pre-occupancy walk through and orientation.
  • Home closing and move in. Warranty begins per our warranty agreement.